Hello there lovely! 

My name is Grace.

seventeen / daughter of God / isfj / wordsmith / musician / overthinker / procrastinator extraordinaire

I am in love (with Jesus, with words, with art, with life).

I currently attend a very large high school, where I learn new things and make new friends; I very much enjoy doing both. Classical music is my jam. I delight in sunshine and brisk breezes, grand pianos (especially Steinways), ethnic diversity, and all things aesthetically pleasing. I also adore the sea, as I once lived very close to the Pacific Ocean. 

Oh, and I also love you -- yes, you (no matter who you are or what you've done, because that's the way God tells us to love).

God loves you and I love you, and I am so glad you're here.


About this blog of mine --

softly bright or radiant; glowing with light

lover of words

This blog is a journal of sorts. Here you'll find musings that go on in my mind, as well as drabbles and the occasional life update. I'll also post snapshots of things that strike my fancy. Copious amounts of stardust and sunshine are also included.

My sister (my absolute best friend in the world and a beautiful soul) also has a blog; check it out!

Have a look around, you lovely, you!

no stealing

All the content on this blog is mine. Please do not steal any of my photography or words.


A word of warning: this blog is still under construction! Kindly disregard the glitches you may see here and there; I am still learning.

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